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Jordan. Mickelson. Barstool Chief.

I had the pleasure of watching Nottingham Forest win in PKs to advance in promotion playoffs. Let me be more clear. I had the pleasure of watching Chief watch Nottingham Forest. This was the video I got and it made everything worth it. I consider Chief a friend outside of work so I feel bad. But this is all I see. This is all you see: 

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Andrew Redington. Getty Images.

Pure emotion from our guy here. He's going to have a longer blog about the game and Nottingham overall, but let me tell you something. Watching them yesterday was electric. They blew a 2 goal lead, it's a little more sloppy of a game as EPL so you get some crazy buildups out of nowhere. And the place was filled with Nottingham fans. Let me tell you something. You wanted to see heartbreak realizing they were going to OT and then the jubilation of PKs. I can't handle promotion/relegation as a fan. I realized that talking and watching these diehards. 

Either way. Air time

Legit awesome scenes at the field too: