MLB Has Suspended Matt Harvey 60 Games For Dealing Oxycodone In Connection With The Tyler Skaggs Case

MLB coming down on Matt Harvey, and rightfully so. Bet you forgot he was in the Orioles organization again, didn't ya? He's rehabbing and working out in the minor league camp but that didn't stop Rob Manfred from slapping a 60-game suspension on Harvey for distributing a "drug of abuse" which violates MLB's drug program. The suspension was expected and it stems from his testimony in the case vs former Angels communications director Eric Kay. Kay was found guilty of distributing feytanyl and causing the death of former Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. It's a horribly sad story that should have had a different outcome, it's awful. Harvey was right in the middle of it as he admitted to using cocaine and oxycodone and sometimes supplying it to Skaggs. He testified for immunity from criminal conviction. Other players admitted to getting pills from Kay, but no one else admitted to distributing drugs. 

As I said the suspension is 100% warranted, what Harvey was doing was awful, but at least he decided to do the right thing when he had the chance to and admit to what he did. The 60 game suspension is retroactive to April 29th and MLB allowed minor league games to count towards it, but this isn't about Harvey missing any time. It's about the punishment being laid down as it should have been. I will say it's wild that a Brewers pitcher gets popped for PEDs and is hit with 80 games, while Harvey gets 60 for being involved in a criminal drug case. Makes no sense at all, I'm kind of surprised it's only 60 games. Hopefully this is a eye opening experience for Harvey and any one else in sports who are dealing with these issues. He said he's been clean since Skaggs died, lets hope it stays that way. I'm not sure if we'll ever see Harvey pitch again in the bigs, not that it matters. His career will always be overshadowed by this story, as it should be.