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Check Out Jake Arrieta's Secret Zero Calorie (0) Cheat Meal

Turns out the craziest cheat meal is actually not having a cheat meal at all. Being so healthy that you don't lose focus for a single meal. Not one morsel. Being so locked in that you can't even muster the strength to break or bend voluntary dietary restrictions. That to me is the great cheat code of all time. Like in Hook when Ruffuio shows Peter how to imagine the food and it shows up. We're talking about the same kind of sorcery here. 

Personally I say the cheat begins the second I have to make a decision between grilled or fried. The excuses I'll tell myself to go fried are bold and many. It's a pure state of mind and there's no place I'd rather be quite honestly. Such a liberating feeling to go All In on a cheat meal with heavy apps and a solid handheld. Something that needs to be dipped. Obviously Italian Beef but don't disrespect a French Dip along the way. I'm flexible. 

Point is I'm willing to blow the top on a cheat meal conversation. I want to explore the canvas and paint a masterpiece. Really take it for a test drive and get comfortable. 

My co-host on the other hand likes a bison strip steak and a side of white jasmine rice. 

To each their own. 

Only thing I'll say is that it appears Jake's cheat is working. The results are there. Zero calorie cheat meals are all the rage. 

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