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Watch Hot Ice If You Like Money I Am 5 out 6 in My Last 6 Best Bets

Leave it to 2022 to have three guys in the same building yet have to stream on three different devices in three different rooms. On a more positive note- Hot Ice is back . The boys (Carl,EV, and myself) are here to give you winners (or at worst give our best effort to give you winners). 

Quick reminder - I am running hot giving 5 winners of my last 6 best bets. 

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We discuss The Blue Jays and Braves panic meter, Noah Syndergaard's horrific outing after sliding into the Mets mentions, and more. 

The Hit Parade is posted early, giving you even more opportunity to fire it in for a win. We're +3.2 units YTD and LOVE LOVE LOVE this one, anchored by our workhorse Aaron Judge. 

Happy Gambling, and best of luck.