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Kravis Is Officially Legal!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are officially legally married and here is everything YOU need to know!

Back in early April, Kourtney and Travis broke the internet when pictures were leaked of the couple getting "married" in a Vegas chapel. After that news broke we soon learned from Kourt and Travis had ran off to Vegas to get married, but with no license making their marriage not legal. 

But now, short month and a half later, the two are officially LEGALLY married. TMZ broke the news Sunday night when they caught the newly weds taking pictures next to a car that said "Just Married." Kourtney was wearing a white dress with a vail and Travis wearing a black on black tux. With the pictures came the news that they had just legally got married at a courthouse in Santa Barbara. 

At first we were a little hesitant to believe the couple was legally married since they just cried wolf in Vegas. But soon after the pictures were released, Alabama Barker, Travis’s daughter, was on her IG live and and confirmed the two did get married while Kourt and Travis were in the background of the live. Then soon after the live, Kourtney and Travis both posted their new wedding pictures on IG letting us know they were officially legally married with the same caption “Till death do us part.”


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