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Catching A Pop-Up After The Glove Got Knocked Off Of Your Hand Is Such An Alpha Move

Talk about fight or flight, Nick Foster jumped right at this opportunity. Got the glove knocked out off of his hand mid-pop-up and didn't even panic. Didn't run from it, didn't freak out, he kept his cool and still made the catch. No glove, no love? Not in this case. You know he was dreading how hard that thing was going to come down and smack his bare hands, but nonetheless he got the out. Really tough play since ya know, he didn't have a glove. He and the runner did a little dance and got crossed up, glove falls to the ground but he didn't let that get to him. If I'm Foster I send this film to every college coach out there, show them that you'll do anything you can to make the out, doesn't matter the circumstances. Play shows his heart and desire, you can't measure that but you can make the catch without a glove. Shows how fundamentally sound he is, got under it, tracked it, used 2 hands while starring directly up into the sun. This is a man I'd have on my team any day. Good luck slapping the glove out of his hand, A-Rod. Nick is still gonna make the play.