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Steve Aoki Threw His Hat In The Ring For Worst First Pitch Of All Time

("Who the fuck is Steve Aoki" - hardo cool guy from Quincy but tells everybody he's from Southie)

Steve Aoki is the son of Rocky Aoki, the founder of the hibachi restaurant chain "Benihana". 

His sister is the smoke from the "Sin City" movies who chopped guys' heads off with a katana blade.

He's also one of the biggest EDM artist and DJs on the planet. 

Responsible for this and many other songs you might think you don't know but you do.

We did a great piece on him firing sheet cakes at people with Greg Maddux precision last summer at FWD in Cleveland.

That said… for somebody who can hit somebody's face in a crowd from 20 feet away with ease, you would think overhand tossing a baseball 60 feet, 6 inches would be a piece of cake…


Just atrocious. 

Clean it up Steve. 

p.s. - everybody loves to say 50 Cent holds the title for worst first pitch ever-

but for my money, this ALL TIME Fenway one

and this Cinci mayor one are still tops for me