Big Shoutout To Pope Francis For Requesting Some Tequila To Help With His Ailing Knee

In the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit...boy do I love Pope Francis now! As a self-respecting catholic that went to catholic school his whole I've obviously always been a fan of the Pope since that kind've goes hand in hand. That would basically be like being a fan of the Yankees and not loving Lou Gehrig, but would I be one of those folks that makes it their business to go see the Pope roaming around in his Pope Mobile if he ever came to my hometown? Of course though? 

It's a completely different story. If this beautiful Tequila-loving man ever comes to New York City I just may have to be there with bells on throwing my man nips of every shot of tequila under the sun. Not to mention there's always the age old of question of what celebrity you'd love to have a drink with with obvious answers like John Daly, Charles Barkley, Jamie Foxx, etc etc though who can top the goddamn Pope? Now that we know he puts 'em back he just may have to be the answer. I love Pope Francis!!!