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HE'S COMING (Allegedly): Messi Is Apparently Going To Buy 35% Stake Of Inter Miami And Join The MLS Club Next Summer

Well this is uh something. The original rumor was always Messi would join MLS sometime around 2025 or 2026. But now he's buying part of Inter Miami and joining the team next year. We'll see if that happens. I mean he's still fucking good and playing for PSG obviously. I hope he comes over here. Fuck it. Let's get crazy in the MLS. I know we don't want all the older players coming over and finishing their career with one leg here, but we're talking about Messi. He's going to draw eyeballs and help the MLS keep getting better - which it actually is. It's never going to be the EPL (obviously) or something like that, but it's getting respectable which is a huge win. 

How about the scene in Miami though? Something tells me I don't fit into the club scene. Messi and David Beckham just roaming around town together before you throw in everyone else. Pretty good city to be in! Speaking of pretty good, gotta feel for PSG. Losing Mbappe and now Messi. Tough times. So much for that trio with Neymar. 

So shout out Messi. I hope he comes here and plays like he's still Messi. I'd prefer him to come to FC Cincinnati instead, but fine, go to Inter Miami. Give me as many big names over here as possible. Now we'll just see if he goes through with it for 2023.