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Man Who Said 'The Allure Of Coaching In College Has No Price' Was Grossly Paid A Ho Hum $12.5 Million Per Year From His School

People don't forget: 

Can't say I'm surprised he made over $12 million during the toughest times for Americans recently. People worried about losing jobs and having to find different ways to save money and a man takes $12.5 million to win 13 games. Gross. Some would even say troubling behavior. Not me, just others in the office are saying that as I listen in to conversations writing this blog. 

Wonder how much he'll make for a year where he ruined the Duke/UNC rivalry for Duke. A year where he basically gave UNC ammo for all of eternity while doing a farewell tour. Wouldn't be surprised if he requested payment from other schools just for showing up. Seems like something he would do. Disgusting.