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It Warms My Heart Seeing Arsenal Players Freak Out On Each Other For Choking Away A Top-4 Finish

[Source] - Xhaka raged: “From the first minute to the 90th we didn’t deserve to be on the pitch.

“With a performance like that you don’t deserve to play Champions League or Europa League. 

“I don’t know why we aren’t doing what the coach is asking. If someone isn’t ready then stay at home.

“If you’re nervous and not ready, stay on the bench and don’t come here. It was not acceptable.

“Everything was in our hands - it’s a totally different game now.”

Oh no, what a shame! All Arsenal had to do was win against Newcastle. Hell, they even could have survived with a tie but instead they lost 2-0. Now sure I might be a Tottenham fan smiling from ear to ear about all of this. I may have been smiling yesterday listening to Troopz from rooms away

Watching Arsenal choke away a top-4 finish is about as beautiful as seeing promotion/relegation. What makes it even better is Xhaka calling them out, a dude who has a red card seemingly every match. Also you were playing Newcastle! Just get a win. Now all Tottenham has to do is draw against Norwich. 

I do think EPL does it correct with the final day. Put all the matches at the same time with all the moving parts. I wish somehow we could get more of this here in America. I know we have Red Zone but give me something like that just different. 

Now please don't fuck it up Spurs.