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Cara Delevingne Was Being a Stalker Weirdo Freak At The Billboard Music Awards

Casey Flanigan. Shutterstock Images.

The Billboard Music Awards were on Sunday and for some reason Cara Delevingne was not only invited but was also being a complete lunatic. 

Granted her whole montra is to “EMBRACE YOUR WEIRDNESS” per her Twitter bio, but Miss Girl may be taking it a little too far. 

Cara must have done a shit ton of blow before the event because her actions were both sporadic and cringeworthy. Upon arrival, she pounced into Megan Thee Stallion’s pocket and refused to leave her side for the rest of the night. Like honey, I get it. You were hot shit in 2013  and your eyebrows shocked the entire nation but, it’s time to call it quits. If you need to leech onto artists in such a bizarre fashion, it’s over babes. 

I mean c’mon. You look like that one drunk bitch at every party that is just doing way too much for such little laughs. There’s no way Megan wants this silly goose to be touching her dress and fucking up her red carpet shots.

Cara is the same girl at the party who loudly and obnoxiously states: “OH MY GAWD YOU GUYS LOOK SO CUTE LET ME GET A PICTURE OF YOU THREE.” Case and point, this blurry photo shoot she so clearly forced upon her victims.

To make matters worse, Cara tried to make Megan’s shining star moment all about herself. Which again, I get from her stand point. She doesn’t have anything going on, she needs this. 

But, Miss Megan may need to get a restraining order. Or she’ll start licking her up and down, like the little freakazoid she is. It wouldn’t be the first time…