Barstool vs. America presented by High Noon - Season 2 | Episode 3 Premieres Tonight 7PM ETTUNE IN

Dwarfs, Ring Girls, 400 LB Monsters & Heavyweight Champions Are All Fighting This Friday Night

RnR17: BAD BLOOD is coming this Friday night LIVE from Wheeling, WV with some salt of the earth matchups and pure chaos that simply should not be missed. 

Everyone knows about BIG DICK BOOTY DADDY vs LIGHTS OUT LAING and for good reason, but there are PLENTY of other brawls worth the price of admission too. We have 5 title fights on the card including a BMFD defense from DYNAMITE, a new opponent CHERRY POPPER for Women's champion CHERRY BOMB, a lightweight matchup between SCARFACE + BACKFLIP NINJA, and a Toughman champion AMERICAN REDNECK taking on our Super Heavyweight champion KUNTRY HOODLUM...

Plus 20 other amateur brawls with NO HEADGEAR including the return of NIGHTY NIGHT WOODRUFF, 400 lb SLAP FOR CASH, 4'2'' SMIDGE THE DOORMAN, HOT WHEELZ, and multiple girl fights. There's also a live ring girl contest hosted by Large after the final bell and our 1st ever Jell-O wrestling match too. 

Whole commentary team will be back on Friday night other than Rone da baby prince who has to tape a secret reality show for Barstool... But in his place we've recruited PFT Commenter to sideline report along with Caleb. I think he'll do prefct out their folks. 

There's a ton of prefight content coming out this week including a 10 minute documentary interviewing Booty Daddy + Lights Out on Tuesday, a matchup breakdown with Rone & PFT on Wednesday, more trash talk matchup videos, throw back clips, live weigh-in hosted by Large & Frank The Tank on Thursday, and RNR17 PPV on Friday. 

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