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I Hate How Much I Like Jesse Winker


A fresh We Gotta Believe right out of the KFC Radio where we talk about the nicest rivalry in sports: Mets fans vs. Jesse Winker. 

Look, I know how easy it is to hate a Mets killer. If Chipper Jones were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put him out. If Paul DeJong finishes out his career in the minors, I will sleep well the rest of my life. And Chase Utley can rot in hell. #UtleyUButtley

But I can't help but #RE27PECT Jesse Winker. He almost never plays the Mets, his biggest moments never crush our season/our player's legs, and almost all his interaction with the fans good natured. Not to mention he says shit like this, which is always the quickest way to a blockhead New Yorker's heart.

I'm also a bit biased because he is a Stoolie, came on We Gotta Believe last year, and asked for us to come down before Saturday's Barstool At The Ballpark game to shoot the shit.

To be clear, if Jesse Winker homered off of Edwin Diaz on Saturday, I would've had to ban myself from Citi Field because of that smiling assassin. But he didn't, so I'm gonna root from him every game he's not playing the Mets (Unless he goes to an NL East team. Then that motherfucker is dead to me).

Also on the pod we discussed:

- Max Scherzer cucking the Japanese ambassador off the mound for first pitch, which was apparently the worst thing ever done to Japan in human history.

- Paul Seawald being a prick that no Mets fan other than Frank The Tank actually cares about.

- A full recap of the chaos at Barstool At The Ballpark.