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PSG Is Now The Desperate Ex Who Is Trying To Change Kylian Mbappe's Mind After He Reportedly Signed With Real Madrid

[Source] - Kylian Mbappe has agreed personal terms with Real Madrid, The Athletic understands.

The 23-year-old has not yet signed paperwork with Real and Paris Saint-Germain, his current club, are still trying to convince him to change his mind.

Mbappe’s contract with French champions PSG runs out at the end of the season and he is able to move to Real for free in the summer.

This is it. PSG need to go get a chair and put it in the door like the DeAndre Jordan situation from years ago. I mean I don't blame them. Mbappe is awesome. It's also not a surprise that he's leaving PSG. This has been one of the worst rumors since Erling Haaland was going to leave Dortmund. But how do you convince him to stay? This is basically the ex that's saying they'll change if you stay. You break out all the cliche statements but you know it's all the same. PSG isn't going to do anything different. Mbappe is going to Real Madrid. Just go sign another Messi, win your shitty French league and move on. 

Now with Real Madrid? This is just who they are right? They want to get the best players, load up and win the Champions League. They are called the Kings of Europe for a reason. Now they are likely going to add Mbappe and pair him with the Luka Modric's of the world and everyone else. I just say Luka Modric because he's awesome. 

So here we are, PSG is 'trying' to get him to change his mind. I love that report so much. Good juju for Real Madrid going into the Champions League final too.