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Daniel Craig Almost Played Reed Richards In The New Doctor Strange According To New Rumors


Woah! Here's some crazy breaking news courtesy of our guy Justin Kroll over at Deadline; apparently before John Krasinski joined the 'Multiverse of Madness' as Earth 838's smartest man alive, Reed Richards, Daniel Craig was almost cast in that role!

Some insiders are disputing the claim that he would've been Reed, saying he would've been Balder the Brave instead, but it seemed like he was 100% going to be in that Illuminati scene at some point, regardless of which hero he would've played....

I'm actually more inclined to believe Craig WOULDN'T have been Richards (and instead Balder the Brave), because that casting feels a bit weird to me. Maybe it's just because John Krasinski has been the popular fan-cast forever and he crushed it in the movie, but I can't see it as much with Craig.

It wouldn't be the first random cameo in a major motion picture for the former James Bond, though! People forget he played the Stormtrooper that got Jedi Mind Tricked by Rey in 'The Force Awakens'!

It's gotta be so much fun to get to that level of Hollywood where you can step into any little cameo you'd like. 

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