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Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Got Legally Married In A Courthouse Over The Weekend, Bringing Their Total Weddings Up To Two (2) So Far

A legal marriage! Here we go! Slightly more legitimate than the Elvis wedding they had earlier this year, and yet, I have a feeling it won't be the last? We're already hearing rumors about how they plan to have a big ceremony style wedding in Italy, which will be the third time these two "tie the knot." The real question - why are they getting married so many ways? 

Last night on On The Other Line (available on Sling TV but also on this YouTube page), we talked about Breakups. One of the major things I said about them, was having to imagine your ex doing things with their new significant other that you once held dear. Going to the same restaurants, doing the same activities, etc etc. I guess Kourtney and Travis are just going to make memories in every form of marriage. But...not to be cynical...what if they break up? Every memory of "marriage" is already made between these two. They can never have another marriage without thinking of the memories, already made with each other. Secure? Romantic? Obsessive compulsive? Who knows. I think I'm here for it, all in on it. I love excess, and nobody does it like the Kardashians.