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Ric Flair (73 Years Old) Just Announced His Return To The Ring

Uh oh - this has disaster written all over it, doesn't it?

Over the past few months, Ric Flair has been posting various videos of him locking up with old rivals and taking practice bumps with Jay Lethal all over his social media….

….and I think anybody who has been following wrestling for a while realized what was happening here - Ric Flair decided he's got "one more match" left in him (15 years after his first retirement and 14 years after his second). He'll be wrestling for Jim Crockett Promotions, which I didn't think still existed, but I doubt WWE/AEW want to bring him in following that 'Dark Side of the Ring' episode about the plane ride from hell. I'm not sure who the opponent will be, but they better pick somebody that's safe.

Do I think Ric Flair could get through a match in the right circumstances? Yeah, probably. We've seen Sting (63 years old) crush it in AEW recently when protected in tag matches with Darby Allin/surrounded by the appropriate smoke and mirrors….

Do I think the match will be halfway decent/Ric Flair getting back in the ring is worth the risk? Uhh, definitely not. Especially considering all of the health issues he's had over the past couple years. It's not like he's a HEALTHY 73 year old! You know he's gonna be all bloody five seconds into the match too!

Nobody liked it when Flair went back on his first retirement (which was one of the best endings to a career EVER in the squared circle), and I don't think most people are gonna be down this time around either. I just hope he doesn't get too badly hurt.