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This Weekend My Best Friend Made One Of The Biggest Fuck Ups In Wedding Day History

Weddings are a beautiful thing. There truly is nothing like the combination of love in the air, family and friends getting together and an open bar. My best friend got married this weekend and I couldn’t have been happier for him. We’ve been friends since we were little kids and his entire family has always been like a second family to me. The festivities started off wonderfully. We had the rehearsal Friday night and then went to a bar/restaurant for dinner and drinks with the bridal/groomsman parties and families of the bride and groom. A great time was had by all but the boys weren’t ready to end our night so we decided to keep the party going and went to another bar. We all got pretty drunk but nothing to be too worried about for a noon meet up time and 4:30 ceremony……. so we all thought. 

This tweet calls for a lot of explaining. How could someone possibly mix up xanax for Advil??? Trust me I thought the exact same thing but let me explain what happened. The groom stayed at a friend’s house because obviously you’re not supposed to see the bride the day of the wedding until the ceremony.  After he woke up he drove to his father’s house where his tux was. He was a little hungover so he asked his Dad if he had any over the counter medication to help with the hangover. He told him he had some Tylenol in the drawer of his nightstand next to his bed. He went up to his Dad’s bedroom and saw a bottle of Advil sitting on the night stand. He popped three (about 10-10:30 am) and thought nothing of it until he started feeling loopy about 30-45 mins later. He called his Dad and said the Advil was making him feel weird, his Dad said “Wait, I thought you took the Tylenol in my drawer?” When the groom said he took the Advil on the nightstand his Dad knew we might have a big problem on our hands. That Advil bottle unfortunately was filled with Xanax. His father and their family are not travelers and have rarely left the NY/NJ area in their lives so they rarely fly. Just recently his father downsized houses because he lives by himself and bought a place in Florida. Because he gets nervous to fly his girlfriend who’s a nurse got him some Xanax to take the edge off when he flies. He also lives alone and no one ever really comes over so he didn’t have a reason to have them secured and tucked away. An all-time honest mistake that turned into an incredible wedding day blunder. Turns out he took three 1 mg Xanax and for the record he’s never done drugs in his entire life. These pills punched him in the face harder than a right hand from a prime Mike Tyson. We immediately went into save the day mode. We put the groom to bed for a few hours so we could attempt to sleep it off. We had a girlfriend of one of the groomsman who‘s a nurse checking up on him every five minutes while we checked on other options. We looked into getting him pumped with fluids but he would have had to stay in the hospital for six hours so that was a no go. We ended up going the old fashion route. We ordered a pizza so he could get some food in him, grabbed some Red Bull’s and made a phone call to get an adderall dropped off. After a couple hours we woke him up, had him take a shower and started feeding him with pizza, Red Bull and after a little bit an adderall. He was still very loopy and on wobbly legs but he was slowly getting better.

Witnessing the phone call live might have been my favorite part of the process. His now wife calls to make sure he‘s not drinking too much before the ceremony. She asks if he‘s drunk, he says no but she doesn’t believe him because his voice is all fucked up. He calmly says “I’m not drunk, but quite frankly its much worse“ and tells her what happened. All-time line. 


He was a statue up there and he certainly didn’t cry but he handled himself like a god damn champion. Big time players make big time plays in big time games and when it mattered most he delivered. Gonna be hilarious to look back on all the pictures over the years and know that he was xanned out of his gourd. 

When it was all said and done crisis was avoided. It was a successful and fun day had by all. Shoutout to his saint of a bride not losing her mind when she found out what had happened. Incredible composure by her on the biggest day of her life. Congrats to the happy couple.