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Anthony Edwards Let The World Know That The Suns Getting Run In Game 7 Is A Complete Disgrace To The Game Of Basketball

Once again, Anthony Edwards is showing why he needs a camera on him at all times. He went old school Barstool here and slapped out his phone. I'm glad he did because he's fucking hilarious. The rant about yeah we know we're out of the playoffs but let me fire off these takes is gold. This is why Anthony Edwards is going to be set up for a TV career after he's done. 

Now, I don't blame the Suns for talking shit. I mean you're talking to the Wolves. Good chance you end up better than the Wolves. What I didn't care for was Pat Bev predicting the future: 

I still don't understand last night's game. Never will. The Suns were made to go on a deep run again. They had the perfect lineup, although something is up with Ayton 

Yikes. You don't see Monty all huffy like that. But here we go, we have Anthony Edwards chiming in and the Suns beign questioned. I don't know where they go from here. I love what Ayton brings. Chris Paul says he's coming back and he should. 

You can't get run in game 7. Pretty simple theory here.