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Johnny Ham & Cheese Is A Superstar And That's The Bottom Line

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Jonathan Hockey, ladies and gents. Just a kid from South Jersey. A kid who was "too small" to make it in the NHL. I mean he was on the ice playing in a tournament the moment he got drafted in the 4th round in 2011 because he didn't even think he was going to get drafted. And now here we are 11 years later. He's scored over a point per game throughout his NHL career so far, had over 100 points this season, and just sent the Calgary Flames to the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

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Dangerously similar to the angle Patrick Kane ended the Flyers' hopes and dreams with in the 2010 Stanley Cup Final. Only this shot was so nasty there was never a doubt it went into the back of the net. Everybody knew immediately. No angle, no business getting over the shoulder of Oettinger and under the crossbar, but somehow Future Flyer Johnny Ham & Cheese makes it happen. 

And thanks to Jonathan Hockey, we now get the Battle of Alberta in the West to go along with the Battle of Florida in the East. 5 out of the 8 first round series go to a game 7. 2 of them go to overtime. Battle of Alberta. Battle of Florida. The boys and girls are getting a little spoiled here. 

P.S. - Obviously Gaudreau gets credit for the goal. But these fans are the real reason Calgary is moving on. Jake Oettinger was a monster between the pipes for Dallas last night. 56 saves on the evening. The only way he was going to crack was going to be from a little witchcraft and tomfoolery like this.