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Hartford's Joke Of Leadership Is Threatening To Forfeit Their Own Games If Any Athlete Boos The President During Graduation

Oh what the fuck is this? You might remember this story with Hartford dropping down from Division I:

And you might be surprised to know last year he got booed to the high heavens: 

And now this is how you respond? Threatening to forfeit your own games. Be bigger losers, Hartford. Be more pathetic. You can't. You can't possibly be dumber than all of this when you made the decision to screw these athletes. Let people boo you. It's called being a villain, embrace it at some point. 

I just don't understand how you can threaten to  and think it'll work. What if everyone else boos you? You can't pull my scholarship since I don't have one. I might just show up to boo. Nothing beats a good ass boo and that's what we need here. Boo them as loud as possible.