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Luka Doncic Is Currently Tied With The Suns After An Entire Half Of Basketball

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

Dear God….what is currently happening in the desert right now? I have a lot of questions after that first 24 minutes of basketball. First off, did the Suns know there was a Game 7 tonight? I can understand starting slow, I know a thing or two about that after what I went through earlier today, but to completely no show like this? 27 points in an entire half for the best team in basketball? You throw up a 17 point quarter and you think OK, early nerves happen to everyone there's no need to panic. The only issue is you double down on that and then only put up 10 points in the second quarter. As a team, the Suns shot 24/20% with 10 FGM and 7 TOs. It's obviously their worst half of the season, and quite frankly I didn't even know they were capable of doing something like this. Scott Foster isn't even involved! Where's CP3? He has 1 point and is 0-4. Devin Dooker, a guy they said was the MVP, has 2 points and is 0-7. That seems impossible yet here we are with the Suns down 30 at home. Wild shit.

You know who was ready? Luka Doncic. I told you this morning about what he did in his last Game 7, and he's backed that up by tying an opposing team at the half all by himself. 

Luka has dominated every second of this game since the opening tip. He continues to show the world that he is very much built for these moments, and he's really only just getting started. One of the best big game and high pressure players we have in the league and it doesn't matter if it's at home or on the road. Luka is that dude. When he gets going like this and the Mavs defense is locked in, then the role players show up. Suddenly Spencer Dinwiddie can't miss either. Jalen Brunson starts doing things, and the next thing you know the Mavs are up by 30 goddamn points. Nobody could have possibly seen this coming and that's the beauty of Game 7s. You never know what they might bring. It's why you generally want to avoid them at all costs because all it takes is one off night. The Suns will never play like this again in 100 tries, but tonight they did. That's shitty.

I will say, if there's one team who could somehow make a 30 point comeback, I guess the Suns at home could. They can get hot. But before they start thinking about a 30 point comeback, maybe focus on just outscoring Luka first. After an entire half, they couldn't even do that.