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WATCH: Criminal Mastermind Caught on Tape Escaping Incarceration in Genius Level Fashion

This feels like the moment where the velociraptors figured out how to open doors in Jurassic Park. 

If we were to proportionally compare my human IQ level to this shih tzu's genius the discrepancy would be beyond comprehension. I mean that's the smartest dog in the world right there. Michael Scofield? John Patrick Mason? Nah I've got this shi tzu over all those if I need a plan to escape prison in the future. 

I love dogs more than anything and have a shih tzu back home, but I don't know if I could continue living in the same house as that guy after seeing this. Every move I make, I would know in the back of my head he's one step ahead. When I leave the house for a few hours that little fella is scheming beyond anything I can think of. My next step could be my last at any moment if he wants it to be. Realistically I would continue living in the house and just accept the fact that it's no longer mine.