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Maple Leafs Fans Are Now Fighting Each Other In The Wake Of Another Game 7 Loss

I thought the beard and mullet guy was Dana Beers for a second, but he wasn't nearly jacked enough. Beers has been lifting in case you haven't heard. 

This is chaos and it's 100% predictable and understandable. Frustrated with something you LOVE, but have absolutely ZERO ability to change or improve. This is the 5th Game 7 loss in row for the Leafs. Losing one game 7 is too many. I can't even imagine losing 5 winner-take-all games in a row. Maybe this is why they didn't show Maple Leaf Square after the game. It turned into a Royal Rumble. Guys wanting Keefe fired vs Guys who want Dubas fired vs guys who want Nylander traded vs the guys who want to run back the same team because they got respect in the handshake line. 

Tensions are high. Pray for Toronto.