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Maple Leafs Head Coach Says They "Got More Respect In The Handshake Line This Year" So They Got That Going For Them

I saw this quote last night and couldn't believe it was real. I decided to wait until I was sober to do research on the internet before blogging. This is the full quote. Not much better

What'd the Leafs experience previously?

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When you haven't won a playoff series since 2004 and haven't won a Cup since 1967 I guess you need to find little victories here and there. This is Michael Scott type of spin zone. The Leafs got the respect of the team that every team respects so did they even lose? Technically, yes. Gary Bettman won't be handing them any hardware, but maybe Jersey Jerry will. It was always about respect. The Preds would hang a banner for this level of respect in the handshake line.

I do feel genuinely bad for Auston Matthews. He was excellent in this series. Worked his fucking bag off. You can tell how bad he wants it. I don't even think the Leafs need to make that many changes. Maybe they try to move Nylander for a true top pair D man. They could probably use an upgrade in goal although Jack Campbell certainly wasn't the reason they lost. Should be an interesting summer.