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Aleksandar Rakic's Knee Just Exploded In Tonight's UFC Main Event

Damn - brutal way for a pretty great night of fights to end....also bizarre that after three straight rounds of Blachowicz lighting up Rakic's lead leg with kicks, he injured the knee Blachowicz barely touched. Always so fucked how these injuries go down. 

Before the injury, I thought Blachowicz actually looked great in this fight. Rakic didn't look bad either, and clearly won the second round, but Jan just landed some huge power shots in the first (and then got taken down and laid on in the second) and he was getting the better of the exchanges on the feet in my opinion. That Polish Power is no joke. I just wish we saw a little more of it tonight.

In his post-fight interview, Blachowicz revealed some struggles he's gone through during this camp, such as getting diarrhea and his car stolen....

God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. Respect.