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Julio Rodriguez Hit A Massive Clutch Homer Minutes After The Benches Cleared With The Astros To Announce His Superstardom

We had fireworks aplenty last night in Houston between the Astros and Mariners. Started in the 9th when Hector Neris plugged Ty France right in the back. Got him nice and good. For some reason it wasn't clear that the batter was hit and there looked to be some jawing from the Astros dugout. Mariners manager Scott Servais didn't like the chirping and before you knew it we had the benches clearing and a potential for a nice little donnybrook at home. It got heated but no punches thrown, which is rare for a baseball fight. Lots of yelling, guys being held back, lots of pointing and screaming. So after that the Astros were still in striking distance before Julio Rodriguez decided to drop his big ole onions right then and there.

Ballgame. Some nice insurance runs off the bat of Rodriguez who after a tough start has exploded. He's got it. He's the real deal. 7th homer of the year and his average is up to .277, 57 hits, and a league leading 17 stolen bases. He's got ice in his veins as seen above. Not many rookies could be in the middle of a little skirmish holding people back and then 3 minutes later go yaya and provide some massive insurance runs. That is a guy who was made for the moment. It's a shame that the Mariners haven't played better because JRod is a stud. I'd love to see this kid on Sunday Night Baseball sometime soon, I'd love for him to get more love nationally. But something tells me he's gonna force himself onto the scene sooner rather than later. But if a homer like this doesn't prove he's the real deal, I don't know what to tell you.