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May Madness: Penn Wins The First OT Game Of The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

A 1-goal win against Duke. A 1-goal win against Penn State. A 1-goal win against Villanova. A 1-goal win against Saint Joe's.

There may not be another team in college lacrosse that is more "battle tested" than Penn. So if you thought the Quardiac Quakers were coming in to the 2022 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Tournament and not immediately getting themselves into a 1-goal game, you'd be sorely mistaken. 

It wasn't the prettiest game of all time. It's been pouring all afternoon in Philly. The sticks were sloppy, there were some questionable turnovers, Sam Handley looked like he might have gotten dinged up a bit late in the game. And credit to Richmond. They're a newer program but they've proven they can play with anybody in the nation at this point with a win over Virginia in the regular season, and an incredible 59.5 minutes of lacrosse this afternoon. But with just under 30 seconds left in regulation, Penn was able to get the ball to freshman Ben Smith to force overtime. 

Then they won the opening faceoff of the overtime period, called their timeout, and about 10 seconds later it was Ben Smith doing it again. Two of the biggest goals in the history of Penn lacrosse coming from the freshman. What a game. What an ending. What a celly. 

2 more games tonight and then we do it all again tomorrow. Make sure you're subscribed to The Crease Dive's YouTube channel for some live streams of tomorrow's action.