A God Damn Bummer


No excuses, I thought we were the better team. Losing SCC Tom Wilson after 90 seconds of game 1 was brutal, obviously. I think with him we win in 5. The Caps were dominate without him, but a half an inch here, half an inch there...that's just playoff hockey and it can eat your heart out. Ovi is hurt, Carlson is probably hurt, and we still coulda knocked off the President Trophy winning Panthers. I just love the Caps more than I love anything in the world and I hate this blog every year (besides 2018). All you want to do is watch your team win and move on and lift the Cup. Thank GAWD I got to see it and blog it and live it, because the pain of being knocked out of the playoffs never gets easier. It hurts and it sucks but that's why we watch sports, because none of the lows feel as bad as the top of the highs feel great. I hope that sentence made sense.

Just get me to October, let's do it all again.