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Defending Champion Phil Mickelson Is WITHDRAWING From Next Week’s PGA Championship


The ol’ DNP (spoke insensitively about foreign genocide and human rights).

We knew Phil was down bad and has more or less been in hiding, but this was supposed to be his comeback tournament. Maybe not a triumphant comeback, but a comeback nonetheless.

It’s just so shocking how far this thing has fallen. Of course this is Phil’s choice, but it’s unimaginable a year ago that he wouldn’t be back for this title defense. Remember the way he victory lapped that W at Kiawah for weeks afterwards?

And now he isn’t just not teeing it up, he’s not even showing his face. This is going on months now. What he said that send him into this spiral was, obviously, not great. But there are people, lots of them, that are ready to support Phil and give him forgiveness and the fact that he’s not facing the music and starting the healing process is kind of bizarre. I’m sure Greg Norman’s comments this week weren’t helpful, but still.Gonna be weird af not having him there.

PS: Tiger declaring that he’s officially IN right now would be such an absolute dunk on Phil and I’m absolutely here for it.