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An Animated Revival Of "Married...With Children" May Be Coming And I Guess People Forgot How Quickly Al Bundy Would Be Cancelled/Killed In 2022

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DEADLINE - Another classic 1990s comedy is making a comeback. An animated revival of Married… with Children headlined by the original series’ stars Katey Sagal, Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate and David Faustino is being pitched to networks and streamers and is getting strong interest, sources tell Deadline. The new take on the 1987 Fox sitcom is written by Family Guy executive producer Alex Carter, who serves as showrunner. Sony Pictures Television, which owns and distributes the original series, has been working on the animated project for over a year and closed deals with the quartet of Married… with Children stars before taking it out.

Al. Bundy. The man. The shoe selling myth. The Polk High legend. Anybody who was anybody watched Married…With Children in the '90's. I even had Ma and Pa Smitty tried to ban me from watching the show because of its seemingly crude nature but always found a way to sneak it into my childhood. And, hey, I'm all for the revival. But there's one question I have…

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More specifically, how are you going to be able to pull it off and keep it relatively the same show? Because in my humble opinion it just simply can't be done. Not in today's super woke climate. Oh, it couldn't have been that harsh and coarse, right? Well, le'ts see. Here's 9 minutes of Al Bundy simply walking into his house explaining his day:

Yup. Of that 9 minutes of Al Bundy - SIMPLY WALKING INTO HIS HOUSE EXPLAINING HIS DAY - about 9 minutes would result in bans, protests, riots, and complete MASS HYSTERIA in 2022. What universe are we living in where this wouldn't result in utter mayhem on these internet streets? Ed O'Neill would be ostracized from Modern Family and society so fast the writers would've aborted Seven before he had a chance to ruin the show. 

I don't hate bringing it back, but let's be realistic here. The Al Bundy we knew ain't flying in today's world. Not to mention the charm of the show was realizing Al Bundy was a loser stuck in a depressing hellhole from which there was no escape. A job he hates, nagging wife, broken down car with an uninspiring home, same shit every day until retirement. But that was the '90's when people actually had hopes and dreams which could be realistically accomplished. Today? Al's got supreme job security, a hot wife who wants to have sex with him all the time, an efficient car combined with a 3+ bedroom house in the Chicago suburbs in which both he OWNS, and the opportunity for retirement. In 2022, Al Bundy's a borderline fucking king. 

I guess it might be different in the revival. Hopefully we can be a winner, just like Al. Or something like that. 

PS - Just going to leave this here with no editorial comment whatsoever. In fact, I'm not even sure how it got into this blog published in 2022. For shame, Al Bundy. For shame.