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Bench Mob Is Sick Of Dumb Mistakes Leading To Drama And We're Calling Them Out On It

A little behind the scenes for you. It's just me and Jake rocking this YouTube only episode. That's right and the drama we're talking about is pretty clear. We're sick of dumb decisions. We're sick of fucked up decisions. We're sick of South Carolina State. 

What the fuck are we doing here? This is why I don't care about players transferring. It's why I don't feel bad for coaches or schools at any level if a kid decides to transfer. Shit like this. How do you sit here and try to force a kid to come to your school and meet with your coach when you don't have a goddamn coach. It makes me lose my mind. 

And a little housekeeping, we plan on doing these once a week or every other week during the offseason. It's not exactly a secret that the college hoops offseason is becoming more entertaining with the portal and NBA Draft declares and everything else going on. So at the minimum me and Jake will hop on and do these quick hitters. We just ask you to subscribe. It's simple and takes less than 5 seconds. 

Next week we're going to do a Q&A too. Any topics, questions, etc you want covered Jake and I will be there. We go over it all on the show. 

PS: Shout out Clickburgler Clem for the headline idea.