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Arrested Cult Leader Had Followers Drinking His Piss (Don't Worry It's Not Bear Grylls)

Starting at 07:44 on the latest ZeroBlog30 podcast we cover a cult from Thailand that just lost their leader because he got arrested. And just why was 75 year-old Thawee Nanra hauled off to jail? Well, the details are still coming out, but so far they've found 11 bodies on his compound, and uh...  he was making his followers drink his piss & eat his phlegm, dandruff and poop. Actually bad. 

Along that topic we discuss other bizarre cults including one in the Pacific islands inspired by a WWII serviceman AKA 'The Cult of John Frum'...  

Also on today's episode:

-The baby formula shortage: Why it's happening & how commissaries and PX's will be affected

-YouTube Parents make their six year old son run a full marathon

-Interview with journalist Alex Horton who recently returned from assignment in Ukraine

-Bear attack on Alaska base kills soldier