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Antonio Conte Mocking Mikel Arteta After Tottenham Kicked Arsenal's Ass Was The Perfect Ending To A North London Derby

A day later and I'm still just smiling ear to ear. A 3-0 win in one of the most important North London Derby's in recent memory. Sets up the final 2 matches of the season with even more importance. Tottenham kicked Arsenal's ass. It was gorgeous, 3-0. Personally I think Rob Holding should be in jail, but I'd settle for the red card. 

But then after the match and Antonio Conte just mocking Mikel Arterta warmed my heart. Arsenal fans, players and coaches were crying all day somehow forgetting this game should have been played earlier. Still got their ass kicked, didn't matter. But I want my manager to throw a couple bombs the other way. Give as much advice as possible and get in their head with 2 left:

All I know is, Tottenham can't lose Conte: 

Give him the money to make the moves. Upgrade from Emerson Royal and grow from there. Just do whatever it takes to keep Conte here. Now get 6 points and get into 4th. That's all that matters for the next two matches.