The Seahawks Pranked Their Players By Giving Them A Fake Schedule That Included Playing In Detroit On Thanksgiving And Arizona On Christmas

I love everything about this video except for it being more than SEVEN minutes long. I don't know what Elon Musk's grand plans are for Twitter, but if a video is longer than 2 minutes, that bitch better go automatically be thrown on YouTube.

Anyway, the biggest thing lost in the madness of the NFL schedule release where fans, talking heads, and idiot bloggers are trying to figure out what the season is going to look like (before being completely wrong due to the bazillion injuries and ridiculous uncertainty in the NFL) is that this is just a work schedule being announced for thousands of people working for the 32 NFL teams. 

While we are getting excited about which games we may go to or which contenders are matching up on Opening Night, the players are looking to see how many times they have to get their battered bodies ready for a Thursday night game 4 days after it was involved in multiple car accidents on a field, or even worse having to do that while also spending Thanksgiving in Detroit. Telling someone they have to go to Detroit for Thanksgiving because of work (no offense Detroit, I love you and Chris Castellani with all my heart) AND fight off superhumans on Christmas for three hours is the second most fucked up prank I've seen, behind only Rone putting needles in Frankie Borrelli's chair.

Unreal. I don't know if the Seahawks are going to be decent let alone good. But it's nice to see Pete Carroll is back to his old USC ways of keeping the team loose with some harmless pranks.

ESPN- Pete Carroll had some Halloween fun with his top-ranked and unbeaten football team -- as well as some stunned reporters -- on Monday. Carroll and running back LenDale White pulled off the gag, which came at the end of practice. According to the Los Angeles Times, White got into an "altercation" with Carroll and some Trojan assistant coaches as practice was winding down. Among his complaints: he wasn't getting enough carries.

As his teammates watched, Carroll kicked White out of practice, the Times said. White left and, with reporters in tow, went to a nearby six-story building. Carroll called the team together and told the players they couldn't let distractions get in the way. While Carroll was talking, assistant coach Pat Ruel pointed to the building at White, who had climbed to the roof and was yelling. As the players turned, an apparent player in a No. 21 jersey -- White's number -- fell from the rooftop. A few players gasped; many laughed, the Times said.

I can't find a clip or even a picture of this, but trust me it did happen, I saw the video, and it was patently absurd even for the 2000s where it was pretty much the wild west where middle schoolers were crotch chopping their teachers and the media would openly talk about which pop stars were virgins along with how long it was until they turned 18. Different times. 

Nonetheless, it's nice to see the old Tricky Pete back on his bullshit now that he has to try to win games with Drew Lock at QB instead of Mr. Unliiiiiiiimited. Hopefully he keeps the halloween shenanigans running by dressing like a train barrain while chomping his gum to dust.