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There Is Nothing I Love More Than Watching People Have Their Hearts Ripped Out Of Their Chest In Maple Leaf Square

Credit to the Lightning fan for walking into the belly of the beast and then slyly taking his jersey off to avoid any trouble from the broken masses looking to take their frustration out of on something, anything. 

There is just something about this scene every year that brings me joy. That probably makes me a terrible person, but I can't help it. I don't know these people. I don't have any issue with the people of Toronto. I just enjoy their misery. There's nothing like it. They've been showing up en masse with their jerseys every chance they get for a decade as if they're going to finally get the result they want and it just NEVER happens for them. 

We've all been there. That place where you feel real agony. We've been there...Toronto LIVES there. It's their permanent mailing address. When I was looking for clips from Maple Leaf square I had to make sure I checked the dates because every year the square is the exact same each spring. You can set your watch to it. An event on the calendar as predictable as summer solstice. last chance. At home against the champs tomorrow night. I can't even imagine that feeling of doom that must be lurking. No Cups since 1967, no series wins since 2004, no genuine joy in decades. Astounding. Time is a flat circle and I wish I was a better, more empathetic person, but I am not. I love the tears, I love the pain, I love the panic and dread and misery. Makes me feel better and if I could have a constant live feed of Maple Leafs Square on during the game I would buy it like a PPV fight. $80 to watch thousands of people die on camera? Sign me up.