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Perfect for a Friday after another workout. Do this after a good big 3 lifting session, and this will round you right off. The key is to consume a good pre-workout that maximizes Nitric Oxide for that pumped feeling. Look for stuff with Beta-Alanine, arginine, betaine, pre workouts with nitric oxide boosting labeling. 

The lift circuit is as follows 

Reverse rows x20 

Reverse curl x20 

Regular curl x20 

Yell at Nerds x1

Pushups x20

Repeat this circuit at least three times and push it till failure. On your final circuit, just finish as much of each lift as you can. Finish with a good flex with your boys to feel pumped for the weekend. 

This is Bro Rescue rescuing bros from themselves. It's not science it's broscience.