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In The Words of Jim Calhoun - I Fucked Up. Turns Out The Bush League Move Of The Week Actually Belongs To Chris Woodward

We’re talking front page news this week on Starting 9 when we came across the Yankee Stadium bullshit from Chris Woodward and we just couldn’t resist. Jake’s pitched in all 30 parks and he honestly couldn’t find the situation any more bush league. Which is actually kind of ironic (or not, who really knows) given that we have a whole segment dedicated to recognizing Bush League efforts just like this story. But we slid it into front page because, honestly we just made a mistake. We’ll figure it out. 

In the meantime, please recall Woodward told the media that Yankee stadium was weak sauce in some combination of words. That Gleyber Torres homerun wouldn’t be out in 99% of parks. Something stupid. You have probably read the story.

Interesting to circle back on it though with Jake because honestly the clubhouse is probably laughing at Woodward for saying that shit. But even more interesting because this dovetails into pitching at Wrigley in absolute chaotic conditions at all times. Wind in. Wind out. Wind across. Wind everywhere guys that’s obviously why we call ourselves the Windy City with no allusion to corruption. But I digress.

Point is there’s a lot I didn’t know about this kind of stuff before talking to Jake this week. Starting 9 is out and it’s loaded with that exact sentiment across the episode.

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