Say What You Want About Evander Kane, But This "Game 7" Celebration Was All-Time

There were obviously a few...questions and concerns when the Edmonton Oilers made the call to sign Evander Kane in the middle of the season. As far as a hockey standpoint goes?

Well I don't think you could have asked for more out of the guy. 22 goals and 39 points in 43 regular season games. He has 7 goals in the playoffs so far. And this celly right here? Well this is all-time after the Oilers went out to LA to force a game 7 in this series. 

First off, it takes a special kind of shit stirrer to even come up with that celly in the first place. You've got to be a showman, you've got to be a heel, but you also have to be talented enough to back it up. There's probably a fewer amount of those guys in the league than the number of fingers Kane is holding up there. 

Secondly, just the logistics alone on this celly are a nightmare to execute flawlessly. For starters, let's not act like the brain and the body always act in perfect unison. You might be thinking 7 but all of a sudden your hands throw up 8 or 9 fingers. Can't be having that or else you look like a clown. He's also fortunate enough to be playing in a time where glove technology is so advanced. Secondly, holding the stick with the forearm and the armpit was a risky move that really paid off here. But had it not? Again, it would have been a total clown show had Evander Kane dropped his stick in the middle of this one. 

It all worked out to perfection and it was just an extra kick to the dick for Kings fans in attendance. Speaking of the Kings getting hit in the dick…

Yikes. I'm going to need to see Mike Smith's credentials because I don't think he's certified to be performing a vasectomy like that. I have to imagine that's not necessarily what Auston Matthews had in mind when he was talking about Leafs having to put their "balls on the line" in their game 7 coming up. 

P.S. - You might not want to piss off the most dangerous man on the planet.