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Luka Responded To Devin Booker's Shit Talking And I Hope This Rivalry Is Fueled By Hate For Their Entire Careers

The best thing about the playoffs? This. Booker vs Luka. Two young guys going right at each other with a little bit of hate behind it. Now, going to game 7 helps and I think people are getting confused here. No one is or should be arguing Luka vs Booker. Both are stars in the league but Luka is a bit better. No one should argue that. 

But look at this. We have some grade A shit talking from both Book and Luka

Shit it's even got a former NBA player going at Nick Wright

Waterboy is such a great insult. Might have to use that one. 

The point of this all though is how much we need rivalries in sports. The NBA was built on rivalries. Bird vs Magic. Jordan vs the Pistons. Spurs vs the Suns. Reggie vs the Knicks, etc. It's what we need. It's why people got into the NBA. We're finally getting rid of all this buddy buddy bullshit and at least seeing hate on the court. I don't care if they like each other off the court. But on the court? I want this. I want people going at each other's throats. 

Both names here are big enough to carry their own weight. I hope we get Booker vs Luka every year in the playoffs now. I want their careers to go up against each other and be fueled by hate. I want them mocking each other. I want them trying to one-up each other. 

It's truly beautiful to watch.