'Tobias Harris Over Me?' - Jimmy Butler Screaming To The Locker Room About How Dumb The Sixers Truly Are Is Beautiful To Watch

This might be the meanest thing I've ever heard. It's so simple, so correct and so mean. Tobias Harris is getting all this money to be made fun of by Jimmy Butler. Hell, at least Tobias Harris doesn't get blamed for not shooting the ball. That's reserved for whoever is playing the guard spot for the Sixers. Now what I don't get is just the Tobias Harris yelling? This was reported: 

Jimmy Butler should have just yelled Al Horford's name while he was at it too. All people who went to the Sixers and sucked. Maybe even Josh Richardson. But Tobias Harris is out here catching strays from Jimmy Butler. All things considered he's right. The Sixers are stupid. They were so scared to hurt Ben Simmons feelings, they didn't think about who fit and what was making the offense work. Instead they tried to find JV Jimmy Butler and Al Horford. Didn't work. They tried Simmons/Embiid with Harris, didn't work. 

The best part as someone who hates the Sixers, they are stuck. They are stuck in arguably the worst spot a team can be. Expectations of winning a title without a group that can win a title and going to be stuck either tearing it all down or running it back and paying James Harden A TON of money. Good luck. 

I might just go hire Jimmy Butler to yell at people for me. He's phenomenal at it. 

PS: My pals Rone and Smitty are currently discussing this topic live. I'm sure they will be rational and not upset at all! Watch it here.