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Von Miller's $4 Million Colorado Home Has The Perfect Gaming Setup

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Von Miller recently listed his Colorado home and with it, we were able to get a peak at his gaming/streaming setup and it's SICK!

Above you can see where Von used to stream from and this room is the perfect gaming room. Now it might not have all the bells and whistles of some of the fanciest streaming rooms out there, but I'm focused on efficiency more than aesthetics. The reason why this gaming setup is perfect to me is because of how seamless and easy it is to incorporate party games. 

Now, we aren't in the split-screen era like we used to be, but at the drop of a button, Von could easily have some buddies or teammates over and rip some Madden, FIFA, 2k, you name it. Most streamers (myself included) have optimized their gaming setup to account for ONLY one person playing at a time. In the off chance you end up having a few buddies over, it's nearly impossible to make everyone comfortable. 

Checkout my new apartment setup for example:

(Don't look at the cables, we don't talk about cable management in this household)

You could NEVER comfortably fit a few buddies here to play a few FIFA matches. But for a single streamer, this is my ideal setup. It's got everything I need + an overkill 3rd vertical monitor.

Aside from just gaming with parties, if Von wants to lounge and game a single player game from his couch, he easily can. Hell, he could have Elden Ring on the middle TV with two different sport games going on either side.

I absolutely love this setup for the convertibility to play with multiple people and the aspect to return back to a couch gamer. Sure, it could use some spice with some LED lights and other minor additions, but let me tell you, I'd be VERY happy with a setup as clean as this one.

The rest of the house: as insane as you'd imagine…

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