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Jimmy Butler Delivers The Final Dagger In The Sixers Season, Says He Wishes He Was Still Embiid's Teammate

Well, that should be enough to make any Sixers fan want to jump off the Ben Franklin and shoot themselves repeatedly in the dick on the way down. The Miami Heat are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals and all Jimmy Butler can think about is how much he'd rather be playing with Embiid. To think that this organization could be having Jimmy and Joel leading the way for the past few years but those dumbasses opted to go with the most gutless coward in league history instead. And then even when the Sixers attempted to move on from Ben Simmons this year, what did they do? They just went out and got a heavier version of Ben Simmons with a fuller beard. I mean what the fuck was that out of James Harden tonight? Gutless. Heartless. The FBI needs to get involved here. 

And through it all, Jimmy Butler still wishes he was here. Jimmy Butler still wishes he could be teammates with Embiid and the two alphas could be bullying the entire Eastern Conference together. Imagine what a lineup of Joel, Jimmy Butler and Tyrese Maxey could do. Some of the most ruthless and tenacious sons of bitches any team would ever have to play again. There's a universe out there where the Sixers went with Jimmy over Ben, and I'm about to Doctor Strange my life away until I figure out a way to get there. 


By the way--what a prick. 

What the hell is Glenn Rivers even talking about here? The Sixers were the 1-seed before he got here. Not like he came in and built this team from the ground up. Not like he even came in and added an addition. He bought a house, didn't do a single goddamn thing to it besides clog the shitters. That's all, Doc.