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Next Year's College Hoops Season Became Way More Entertaining Now Than The Legend Jelly Waker Announced He's Coming Back

Yeah, I said legend. I've called Jelly a legend before. 

Not only does he have a sick name. Not only did he come one of those random athletes in Barstool streaming lore. He's a damn good player. CUSA Player of the Year, a 20ppg guy and he's going to be one of the best guards in the country next year. Not only that, but UAB is damn good. They are for sure a top-25 team for me. Remember they also landed LSU transfer Eric Gaines, who was one of the best defenders in the SEC last year. They bring back KJ Buffen (an Ole Miss transfer), big man Trey Jemison and bring in ETSU transfers Ledarrius and Ty Brewer. It's what we're starting to get used to seeing from our guy Andy Kennedy down in Birmingham. Big time transfers coming in, with high-major talent and all the makings of one of the best mid-major teams in the country.

This is arguably his best team yet. Everyone who cheers against the big names has a team in UAB that they should get behind. We all love mid-majors and Jelly just locked in UAB as a potential top-10 seed for next season. They'll have their chances for quality wins out of conference and CUSA is a good mid-major league. 

Shout out Jelly. 

In case you got 22 minutes to kill: 

PS: Best teammate names ever. Jelly and Butta