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"Multiverse Of Madness" Writer Michael Waldron Unveiled Some Mindblowing Info About THAT Scene, THOSE Characters, And The Gruesome Moment People Might've Missed In The Theater


Robbie and I were lucky enough to get Michael Waldron down in the basement again to pick his brain about his more than half a billy blockbuster Doctor Strange 2 In The Multiverse Of Madness. I'm not just saying that because he has written two of my favorite recent pieces of MCU content or that he is a Stoolie cut in the same cloth as me that like Barstool for its nerdy stuff as well as its SPORTS.

I also love him because he doesn't give a fuck about spilling the tea about the behind the scenes stuff even if Disney had PR people ready to shoot him in the head if he gave away any of The Mouse's biggest secrets. Actually I'm too old to say spill the tea if the kids even do that anymore. Anyway, here are a few of the nuggets that we were able to unearth from him as a little appetizer for the video above:

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- Wong was on the chopping block of his Grim Reaper's pen during the writing process but Waldron decided to keep him around out of fear of pissing this guy off.

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Waldron may have been kidding around about being scared of pissing the Basement Boyz off but I choose to believe we kept our best buddy Wong alive.

- Kevin Feige pushed for Professor X to be in the yellow hover chair and the X-Men jingle to be included in the movie as he was introduced, which gave me the nerdiest nostalgic chill ever.

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I've said this a million times but I'll say it a million times more after hearing Waldron tell that story. #TrustTheFeige. Always and forever.

- Speaking of THE X-Man, Waldron promised me he didn't write for my guy Charles to get killed in the super gruesome fashion that he was on the big screen, which I admittedly didn't even notice as I was watching.

After years of saying I was hoping we'd see Wanda go full Scarlet Witch on everyone since she is one of the strongest characters in the MCU, I loved seeing it actually play out on screen, even if it meant murdering some beloved superheroes while doing it. As for the manner she did it, I wish I had been told this before the interview.

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That is some next level shit right there, like when a wrestler uses his opponent's finishing move on his opponent to defeat him.

- Waldron is also writing Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie and didn't exactly promise that he's going to fulfill the greatest conspiracy theory from a galaxy far, far away but he didn't shoot it down either…

For much more on everything that went on in shooting Doctor Strange including the rewrites due to covid and the influence The Red Wedding had on the MCU, watch the YouTube above or listen on podcast below.

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