Danny Woodhead - Yes, THAT Danny Woodhead - Advanced To The Final US Open Qualifying Round And Delivered An A+ Celebration

Hell yeah Danny. An even par round to finish 3rd out of 84 and move onto the final US Open qualifying round is fucking awesome. For sure more awesome than lying about your handicap and shooting a 112 for a fantasy football punishment. 


Should have paired him with Danny Woodhead just to put the fear of God into this man. It's one thing to piss off a golf guy. It's one thing to piss off a football's golf guy. Speaking of awesome. How about that celebration? Low key one of my favorite things when playing is the different types of celebration. There's the Tiger fist pump we all know and love.

Giphy Images.

There's the lean when trying to get the ball to go with the break you read. There's the little shimmy. Then there's what Danny delivered. He teases the walk-in with the walk-out move. Gets himself a better read on the break and the ball here. Slides the putter in the hand, freeing one. Then it happens. The leg kick. Unique, impressive, something he can build on. Nice height too: 

But he doesn't stop there. He doesn't go fist pump like most would. He gets a little giddy up like he's watching the Derby. The slap to the hip. That's a move typically reserved for guys trying to get their horse home down the stretch. Hell of a putt, hell of a celebration. 

Now here's the thing. He's one step away from being in the US Open - arguably the toughest tournament in pro golf. Give me Woodhead in the US Open.