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Video: Arian Foster Made A Montage Of His NFL Jersey-Swap Collection & It's Awesome

All together I counted 48 jerseys from different players, not including several of his own going all the way back to his Mission Bay HS days. They come from the league's long-time tradition of trading jerseys with each other after games in a show of mutual respect. 

In the summer of 2020 the NFL announced that the practice would be forbidden due to COVID and, needless to say, a lot of people & players pointed out the hypocrisy considering they'd be involved in intense physical contact before any jersey swapping took place. Because of the response, the NFL changed their tune and said you COULD still exchange jerseys, but you had to go through the team's official equipment managers who had to wash the jerseys, answer 3 riddles, find the golden scroll of Mallowkeep Village, and then send them in the mail. I looked up where the rules stand now but couldn't find anything, though I have to assume the practice is going to continue no matter what.. Such a cool keepsake for players to remember moments in their career by.

ANYWAYS, I hope his post starts a trend because it would be cool to see what jerseys other players have amassed over the years... Maybe have some sort of Pokemon type tournament with them; best collections win. Totally possible.

In response to Foster's post there were fans sharing their own collections, reminiscing on games/players, & countless asking him if he's looking to get rid of any to save closet space...

And people were quick to point out he was missing one important jersey in particular:

Speaking of, you can listen to both those guys on Macrodosing, and I may have been lucky enough to make a cameo on the latest episode. Check it out!