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Ben Mintz Finally Broke His Silence About The Biggest Scandal Of The Week


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This week on Cracking Aces, we finally hear from the man the world waits for- Mintzy. He chimed in on the biggest Barstool scandal of the week- when he didn't take off his hat during his singing of the National Anthem.



It was time to face the music and tell us, and the troops of this great nation, what in the world he was thinking:



Commendable. That's a man of honor right there. They don't call him the King of the South for nothing, my friends. 

Also on this episode (a quick one…had to edit a lot out about some internal things at Barstool you might have heard about) we talk about the upcoming WSOP, Jake is a week away from getting married, and we answer some DMs about downswings, the best WSOP event for a newbie to play, and



A solid question with a great answer.


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