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Amsterdam's Mayor Apparently Told Ajax Fans They Couldn't Party After Winning The League Title ... They Decided To Get WILD Anyways


Ha, good joke there Femke Halsema - the mayor of Amsterdam. You think you can tell Ajax fans they can't party winning the league title? Guess what? They are just going to go outside your  house and bring the party to you. Pretty kind of them if you ask me. No one wants to be left out of a party. Then they show up to the stadium and that's a party. Good God, that's how you do it. I know part of it is the fact that their manager Erik ten Hag is going to become the manager Man U. But this is how you party. 

It just goes to show you that no matter how old you are, no matter where you live, etc if someone tells you not to do something, you're going to do it. This is basically the college kid back home for the Summer or the high school kid whose parents leave for the weekend. They urge you not to have a party but they know what's happening. You think you can outsmart them by having friends park their cars in the secret spot of ... 'down the road.' You clean a little too well, but there's always one thing you fuck up and get caught. 

This is how you know European soccer is just different. This is their 36th league title. You would have thought this is the first time they won in 100 years. They don't care. You win a title, you go crazy. Don't you ever tell Ajax fans they can't party. Lesson learned.